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Wooden Windows

Wooden windows can be painted or stained, and are strong and easy to work with. Ease-of-use makes for easier custom windows, which is why highly detailed window frame designs are typically made from wood. With regard to energy efficiency, few sash and frame materials are better insulators than wood.

Please feel free to contact us for advice or quotations.

Full Pane Wooden Windows:

Opening your house to the outside and giving maximum ventilation, the Full Pane Wooden Window allows for breathability and versatility across a variety of design applications. It's side-hung design helps to create a sense of space and is the perfect complement to open plan living.

Small Pane Wooden Windows:

The Small Pane Wooden Window, also known as the Cottage Pane Window, has the versatility to work well across quite a number of design applications. Even so, it is often seen featured in many warm. cosy holiday cottages dotted all along the South African coastline.

Top Hung Wooden Windows:

Held open by a stay, this range of wooden windows can fit in with almost any contemporary abode. Key to its appeal is simplicity in form and flexibility in usage. In combination with either standard or sliding doors, the Top Hung windows not only add a sense of space on an aesthetic level, but also improves ventiliation on a practical one.

Mock Sash Wooden Windows:

With the unmistakeable touch of the Cape Dutch style, the Mock Sash Wooden Window range is a classical addition that fits with any contemporary application or architectural design. Affordable and easy to install, this range of window comes in a large variety of either small or full pane configurations.

Round Tops:

Apply the aesthetically perfect Round Top Wooden Window to all standard window shapes. Adding that little bit of extra appeal and shape to the hard corners of square and rectangular window designs, they let in significantly more light. Available in both small and full pane designs, the Round Top Windows are quality crafted from only the very best hardwoods.

The only downside to using wooden windows is that they require regular maintenance. Peeling paint is more than an eyesore, it's a sign that wood is being exposed to weather, which will ultimately cause it to rot. A small number of high-end producers use rot-resistant species like mahogany, but most domestically manufactured windows are made from less-resistant wood species such as pine. That said, a properly maintained wooden window could last hundreds of years.

Maintenance of wooden windows:

Wooden Windows are designed and engineered to meet the requirements and expectations
of modern living and construction. Any high-performance, engineered product - whether it is a boiler,
washing machine, car or window (of any material) – will need some form of maintenance in order to ensure
its long life. Failure to keep to a planned maintenance schedule may at best ruin the wooden window’s appearance and, at worst, could lead to the early deterioration of the components.
The natural beauty of wood as a material for windows means that, if maintenance is carried out regularly,
it will retain its visual appeal for a lifetime.

What you need to maintain on a wooden window:
Unless correctly maintained, there is a reasonable chance that anything in a product that can go wrong will
go wrong. It is therefore necessary to check all aspects of a wooden window. The most important elements to
maintain are the coating system and the hardware. However, it is advisable to check the whole window
(interior and exterior) for any signs of deterioration. If there are any causes for concern, follow these guidelines. If the problem persists, contact the window manufacturer.
The type and level of maintenance required will depend on the wooden window’s location and exposure to the

A few guidelines for maintenance of wooden windows:

Mould and algae - All wooden windows can suffer from mould and algae caused by airborne spores, which settle on the surface. To remove mould and algae, wash with a solution of one part bleach to two parts water, and leave for 20 minutes to work. Then rinse. If the blemish is stubborn, scrub with a stiff nylon bristle (not metallic) brush.
Cleaning and washing - Wash with hot water and liquid detergent every 6 months. Rinse with clean
water. During this process it is advisable to inspect all components of the window for defects and take action
if necessary.
Damage - If any part of the window’s coating system is damaged to the point of showing bare wood, contact the manufacturer to find out which is the appropriate coating material to use and their practical instructions on how to maintain it.

Re-decorating wooden widows:

All products deteriorate over time and this is particularly true of those that are exposed to the elements.
Wind, rain and sunlight – not to mention wind-borne spores and insects – all contribute to the breakdown
and deterioration of all materials’ appearance. It is therefore important to protect your wooden windows by putting a barrier between them and the elements.

The beauty of re-coating wooden windows is that when they are done, they look brand
new again. Alternative materials can go permanently yellow or grey, or become pitted and brittle.

When the surfaces of your wooden windows become damaged or exposed to the elements, contact the manufacturer to find out what the best procedure is to prepare the wood for re-decorating, and which sealants are best to use.

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